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Disaster Recovery


The Salvation Army disaster response teams are coordinated and directed by commissioned officers and trained personnel and supported by volunteers. A fully-equipped Disaster Relief Mobile Canteen staffed by trained employees and volunteers is “on-call” when disaster strikes.
In the Louisville Emergency Management Agency (EMA) plan, The Salvation Army is charged with providing meals and snacks for victims as well as police, fire and other emergency personnel. In addition, The Salvation Army is also tasked with coordinating all volunteers efforts and clean-up during local disasters.


 Several Factors Guide The Salvation Army’s Role In Responding To Disasters

The Salvation Army has an established right to provide disaster relief services. That right is recognized public law and through signed Memorandums of Understanding and Agreements (MOU’s) with government agencies and other voluntary organizations

  • The Salvation Army’s disaster relief services are supported solely by donations

  • The Salvation Army is not a first responder; rather, it supports first responders & disaster survivors

  • The Salvation Army is a mass-care support agency


Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Michael

The Salvation Army is an army ready to serve on multiple fronts. Officers and staff from Louisville delivered supplies and worked with disaster survivors of Hurricanes Harvey in Texas and Irma & Michael in Florida. Whether its food, drinks, shelter or cleaning supplies, The Salvation Army is ready to provide practical assistance. We’re also always ready with a shoulder to cry on – to give a hug or words of hope – to pray with you and for everyone you love. And we won’t stop when the winds die down and the flood waters recede. We’ll remain until the healing is complete, until all the devastation is but a memory.


 2018 Louisville Floods

After record rains fell on Louisville in the winter of 2018, pushing the Ohio River to its highest levels in 20 years, Salvation Army response teams helped neighbors clean out flooded homes and neighborhoods along the waterway.

Your year-round support brings relief during disasters like the Louisville flood. Together with your support, we can be there Doing the Most Good, for the most people, in the most need.

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